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Welcome to my documentation of healing and self expression...

I am a traveling artist who hails from Colorado. I would backpack and travel internationally very frequently in the past and it helped me grow into the person I am today. In 2018 I succumbed to nerve pain from a spinal condition and was no longer able to do this or anything else that I loved. Things were very bleak until I turned to nude wilderness adventures and fine art self portraiture and it quite literally saved my life. Since then I’ve been exploring the 
States in my van— creating, celebrating, and connecting in order to heal and deal and express myself along the way. I am letting these tools guide me back to stability and hope to travel internationally et al. again someday. I have an increasingly deep desire to share what initially began as a very personal, intimate practice with the rest of the world, and am consistently grateful to still be here celebrating my life, my body, and my experience, and encouraging others to do the same. 

The Prana Machine projects are driven by an ongoing obsession with finding both physical and energetic alignment to bring balance and ease to the experience, exploring the depths of human sensation, and using natural surroundings to aid in getting one out of their head and into their body (and in turn the spaces it occupies). We all deserve to exist comfortably and enjoy ourselves during our limited time here. I’ve made it my life-mission.

Through this potent Prana passion project known as the Big Heal, I’ve personally reclaimed so much previously-lost autonomy over my body and experience. It’s been immeasurably powerful to take back control over my own life. I want to share this power with others


Not everyone will see me. Not everyone is ready. I won't let this define their experience just as I don't let anyone define mine. If this connection to Self, Earth, and Other is something that you feel a quiet yet constant longing for deep in your bones, you are who I am searching for and I welcome you to come walk with me for a while.




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