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Let us come together to design the perfect creative experience for you!

I'm Prana, a traveling model and multidisciplinary self portrait artist. I am currently van-based and live on the road,  which facilitates frequent travel all over the US, predominantly the Western US and East Coast. 


I grew up running around the lower Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado. I began the cathartic practice of self portraiture and communing nude with nature in 2018, and quickly opened up my plethora of Prana Projects to include the wildly fulfilling component of artistic collaboration.

I began my modeling journey posing nude for fine art imagery in the vast wilderness of California, Utah, and Colorado. I have since expanded my genres to include fashion, underwater, body paint, and fetish. I am a chameleon who can find joy and passion in highly variable nodes of photography-- I show up and use the space, creative concepts, and collaborative connection to inspire my posing. But my first love will always be outdoor nude. For this reason, when my availability is limited, I will always prioritize work that falls into this category.  

As I delved into the world of modeling I began combining my passions for outdoor wilderness adventure, connection and collaboration, and posing my naked body amongst natural elements. Thus began the offering of Wilderness Nude Photoshoots to supplement more standard modeling work with something that is deeply fulfilling for me. I am an avid location scout and know of many great locations predominantly throughout Southern California, Southern Utah, Colorado & Arizona. These pieces coming together birthed a passion to design the perfect creative experience for my collaborators when working with the endeavor to create powerful Wilderness Art Nudes as a next-caliber experience. Please inquire if this is of interest to you-- no prior experience is required.

Today, I love the process of working with photographers of various forms, skillsets, and modalities to bring their photographic visions to life. I enjoy nurturing long lasting and fulfilling creative relationships with my collaborators. I aim to bring more to an artistic collaboration than just endeavoring to make pretty pictures. Creative imagery is made more potent through authentic experience and expression. It is such an honor to be a part of anyone's process. I'm looking forward to creating some powerfully evocative imagery with you! 


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100 lbs

Hips: 32" Waist: 26" Bust: 32"


Dress: 0

Shoe: 7

Piercings: Ears and Nose (septum)

Tattoos: One thin band on upper arm

Body Hair: shaved legs, full bush, underarms vary (often upon request with notice)

Hair: Extremely Long, Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Skintone: Gold/Olive

Figure: Slim, Athletic


I'm currently available for local and remote bookings. 
I have a two-hour minimum unless otherwise discussed. Also, please note that all first-time bookings require a 30% deposit to be considered "confirmed."


Email me to book. Fill out an inquiry form to get started, then attach your response to an email. 

I'll need your name, location, and a photo portfolio.

Other necessary details include:

  • Concept

  • Location/setting

  • Date & Time

  • Shoot duration

  • Other participants, if applicable (such as makeup, assistants, or other models)

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I can create classical shapes with more traditional posing, but I am predominantly a  very dynamic poser. I suffer from a connective tissue disease that causes hypermobility in my joints. I am thus very flexible and can make bendy shapes. This is not very good for my body so I am as conservative as I can be with full backbends. For example, I can arch easily into a "bridge pose," but cannot do a full "wheel." Any concepts that involve contorting into this shapes will be booked on a per case basis and will require a higher model fee. Please be forthcoming with these desires when inquiring to book.


Due to my own posture correction journey, I have limited proprioception for knowing where my limbs are in space when posing in indoor studios. Indoor spaces do not offer me the same inspiring energy that brings me "into my body" that outdoor spaces do. I am much more willing to accept a booking to shoot in your indoor space if you are able to provide posing direction or visual aid via camera mirroring or actual mirrors.  

Outside: While posing outdoors does so much more to inspire dynamic, expressive posing, I do still have some weather-specific limitations due to the nature of my symptoms. I cannot be nude outside in below-freezing weather, and generally must take breaks to warm up when it is below 60 degrees. Hot and humid days will have to be limited to a few hours outside and can be discussed on a per-case basis. Hikes over one mile will require some quick stretching and muscle engagement exercises before we begin to shoot. 

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My rate is $150/hour with a 2 hour minimum

Half day (4 hours) - $500

3/4 day (6 hours) - $725

Full day (8 hours) - $900

Overtime (for each hour over our pre-agreed shooting time) - $150/hr

This rate is for up to art nude. I do not allow open-leg/labia shots nor do I allow nude videography at this rate. For anything else, please inquire. 

Concepts involving full flexibility shapes will typically require a +$40 hourly fee (see 'limitations' section above).




First-time bookings require a 30% deposit to be considered confirmed. I accept deposits in the form of PayPal and Zelle. 

Cancellations after a shoot is confirmed will lose your deposit. I am willing to reschedule with you up to 2 times and transfer your deposit to the new booking. 

Within one week, a 50% cancellation fee is required (minus your deposit).

Full payment is required for cancellations within 24 hours. Any last minute cancellations without payment will lose ability to work with me in the future.

I model for a living and while my chronic illness does not affect my performance during shoots, I plan my pain management routine around bookings and thus am required to take scheduling seriously. Thank you for your understanding! 

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I am currently offering trade shoots on a per-case basis. I rarely accept trade for photos alone, and will only do so for bucket list shoots. This includes: 


  • Outdoor nudes with/on a horse or other adjecent animal

  • Access to/shoot location is set on a plane (can be grounded...) or boat (can be docked...)

  • Shoot with exotic animals or wildlife that is endemic to the area in which we are shooting

  • Shoot involving live birds in almost any capacity (please inquire)

  • Underwater photography (through 2023, depends on location/equipment/concept)

  • Large format film, tintype, and extravagant styling/wardrobe/sets 

  • Exchange for Sony camera equipment or housing/shoot location privileges of equivalent monetary value or as previously discussed. 

  • A collaborative exchange where I am also shooting you (outdoor nude only) or we are taking duo self portraits together.

I am a photographer before I am a model so I will always be very invested in and inspired by the technical process of creation! I am also a nomadic spirit who is physically disabled by chronic illness and am always looking for access to housing/living resources. Please feel free to inquire about a trade if any of the above applies to you. (Note that an inquiry or fulfillment of the above does not guarantee that I will do a trade shoot with you.)


I am highly selective about giving away my time for free and will not work with anyone who I feel is not valuing my time and energy. 

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I am a full-time traveling artist & currently live on the road. Check my travel dates to see if I'll be in your area. I keep my travel dates flexible for health reasons, so there is potential room for me to make plans to travel to you. I will be based out of Colorado, Southern California, and most of the Western US through the end of Summer, 2023.


April - Utah

May - Eastern Sierra, CA

June - Northern California

July - Southern Colorado

August - Upstate New York

September - Michigan

October - Colorado


I will attach a contract upon your inquiry that you are more than welcome to use. Or you may provide your own (with any necessary alterations to honor pre-agreed limitations). 

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