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I'm Prana, a traveling model and multidisciplinary self portrait artist. I am currently van-based and live on the road,  which facilitates frequent travel all over the US, predominantly the Western US and East Coast. 


I grew up running around the lower Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado. I began the cathartic practice of self portraiture and communing nude with nature in 2018, and quickly opened up my plethora of Prana Projects to include the wildly fulfilling component of artistic collaboration.

I began my modeling journey posing nude for fine art imagery in the vast wilderness of California, Utah, and Colorado. I have since expanded my genres to include fashion, underwater, body paint, and fetish. I am a chameleon who can find joy and passion in highly variable nodes of photography-- I show up and use the space, creative concepts, and collaborative connection to inspire my posing. But my first love will always be outdoor nude. For this reason, when my availability is limited, I will always prioritize work that falls into this category.  

As I delved into the world of modeling I began combining my passions for outdoor wilderness adventure, connection and collaboration, and posing my naked body amongst natural elements. Thus began the offering of Wilderness Nude Photoshoots to supplement more standard modeling work with something that is deeply fulfilling for me. I am an avid location scout and know of many great locations predominantly throughout Southern California, Southern Utah, Colorado & Arizona. These pieces coming together birthed a passion to design the perfect creative experience for my collaborators when working with the endeavor to create powerful Wilderness Art Nudes as a next-caliber experience. Please inquire if this is of interest to you-- no prior experience is required.

Today, I love the process of working with photographers of various forms, skillsets, and modalities to bring their photographic visions to life. I enjoy nurturing long lasting and fulfilling creative relationships with my collaborators. I aim to bring more to an artistic collaboration than just endeavoring to make pretty pictures. Creative imagery is made more potent through authentic experience and expression. It is such an honor to be a part of anyone's process. I'm looking forward to creating some powerfully evocative imagery with you! 


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