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"Prana is life. We each cultivate energy and bring purpose to our human experience. We are all Prana Machines."

This project is designed to carry us home, as often as we need. We are inherently, as human begins, on a constant slippery slope to becoming strangers to our own selves. Existence is hard and uncomfortable, and it is so easy to forge a habit of avoidance that spans most of our experience, numbing the sharp edges until we don’t know how to feel anymore. 


This project is a call to action. For reconnecting with ourselves by way of communing with natural elements and re-assimilating into the biomes that make up our earthly plane. By way of redirecting attention to what truly is. 

For reminding ourselves of what we already know but like to forget: that we belong here on this earth. That we belong in our bodies. 


This need to remind… to reconnect… to return… comes from a place of longing and loss that surely can’t be a solely personal desire. We are all suffering from a severed sense of belonging in all the same yet completely different ways. 


It’s not about sharing a manicured presentation of the human experience that is curated to be pretty and shiny. These projects explore the raw, dualistic nature of our existence. The soft and sweetness of our strengths; the power of our vulnerability. An exodus from the dull, numbing void to the Being Here And Now that makes the most out of our incredibly short time. 


We live because we die. We celebrate because we suffer. This is who we are. The sun will rise again and again and it is up to us to bring our bodies out to meet it. We are the keepers of our own human experience. How will you keep yours? 






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