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A sample of some of the meaningful projects I have used to sustain my healing and find more ease in my human experience.*

This is a representative collection of deeper projects that I share with my supporters. Consider a donation if you would like to see and know more. 

*Everything here is self-shot, modeled, and edited unless explicitly stated otherwise.


We are by and large utterly terrified of silence, stillness, spaciousness the doing of nothing so as to feel the totality of everything.


Abstract Surface_edited.jpg



My favorite part about this photoset is that I shot it three years ago... then never looked at the photos or otherwise did anything with them until recently in 2023.


This set of images was not the primary objective of this shoot day. It actually wasn’t until recently that a call for work called for me to pull them up for the first time.

This was shot while I was “in the red” aka not feeling great. I had just spent a couple days traipsing through the East coast Autumnal splendor of the Blue Ridge mountains with some friends, during which I was too sore to really enjoy myself. I hadn’t learned to sit with that frustration yet (I’m still learning now), so I was losing my mind. The drive back down the range was a cry-drive. At some point I pulled over in this random tiny town that I would never be able to identify without checking the location metadata of photos I took. This decision was made solely based on the perfectly rotund male cardinal perched on a power line above. I got out and followed him down the pathway. And I worked through my shit. Writhing, dancing, stretching my arms out through the cold wet fog. For a long but totally unknown amount of time. 

After that, soggy and pacified, I left and drove home. And I didn’t even look at the photos because I had gotten what I needed. In this case, the images themselves were more of a secondary byproduct of the experience.
Abstract Surface

"P R A N A








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Abstract Surface_edited.jpg
Downward Spiral1.JPG




Abstract Surface_edited.jpg