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I'm Prana Machine. "Prana" is Sanskrit for "Life Force," an essence that I work to cultivate every single day. 

I have a spinal condition that induces debilitating chronic pain and effects all areas of my life. The hypbermobility and degeneration of my vertebral joints makes it difficult to sit, lie down, and lean over, which of course, makes many every-day activities difficult and exhausting.

I was previously an avid international traveler and generally loved exploring and being outside. Before things became difficult in my mid-20s, life was essentially divided between adventure and prep-for-adventure. I climbed volcanos and motorcycled cross-country, usually solo. My independence and physical capabilities were precious facilitators of my lifestyle.

Once I succumbed to my condition, everything that historically fulfilled me slowed to a cold, screeching halt. I lost my independence and slowly saw myself able to do less and less of what made me happy. It was bad. I wasn't sure what the future held, or how long I could last like this.

Eventually, I began to fill the void with art— and it saved me. I was able bring myself home to my own body again; to cultivate Prana once more.

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