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Welcome to my documentary of healing and self expression...


"Prana is life. We each cultivate energy and bring purpose to our human experience. We are all Prana Machines."



It all began in September of 2018, a few minutes after midnight, when Prana jumped out of bed, set up a hip-level tripod and began to document her physical experience in her body. After suffering from mysterious and debilitating pain for over a year, Prana had lost all passion and independence in her life and desperately needed to regain some of it to cope fast. The initial self-portraits told a long and tired story of incorrect posture and muscle-use and revealed what needed to be done. Prana gave herself fully and completely to biomechanically correcting the use of her body with the invaluable aid of photo- and video-graphic feedback. And it worked. Much better than the numerous specialists and medications that were more readily available before. There was suddenly hope for Prana to regain autonomy over her body and her life.


Through time (and self portraits), Prana was able to reconstruct her relationship with her body by understanding it and taking back control while improving its previously-malignant existence in the spaces it occupied. She began to enjoy her existence in the world again, a working cog rightfully lubricated by relief, autonomy and conviction. A few months past September ‘18 of heightened awareness and dedicated work saw Prana coming home to herself for the very first time. Everything she knew before was changed; self-portraits remained the only constant. Because of this, self-portraiture and its generous feedback has swiftly become a go-to means of digestion and expression for Prana’s experiences as well as a vital tool for taking back her control.

Today, she uses photography to cope with her pain, to maintain her sense of volition, and generally sustain the life force within herself. She is here to tell her story through her art.  

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